Saturday, May 2, 2020

I don’t play games because I have plenty of free time, I play to ease my mind.

Currently many things have going on in my life, and I just grow tired of it.
Negative mind is twirling inside my head.
I feel cramped, like I’ve out of breath.
I barely just getting day by day, going on an autopilot mode to live my life.
Then I found this game.
At first, I was just curious about the name it bared, Hogwarts Mystery.
As time goes by, I found it to be captivating, appealing.
It has timed energy, so I am not always on the game.
I still spend most of my time doing my everyday routine.
I just do open it at time to time, catching up and progressing level in it.
I also get stumble upon a lot of fan fiction stories coming from this game.
It was fun reading it.
Makes my imagination wondering, taking me to another universe, a magical one.
Even though it was just for a while, playing the game and reading fan fiction helped me to be a little at ease.
I feel more calmed, I feel better.
Then I remembered, back when I was younger, I do indeed do a lot of playing games, reading books, and writing things every time I feel down.
I forget about it all because a lot of things going on in my life for the past years.
This experience remembered me of all those things.
So now I try to write, to make myself be more lively.
I thought why not, doing all those things again maybe makes me relaxed more.
Maybe doing all off these will get the negativity out of my system.
Then I could get back to be at my normal state again.
An utterly positively healthy mentally me.. :)

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